~ Contact Info and About Me!~

Hello! I am your Webmistress!


... dressed up as duo-kun. ^_^
Anywho, c'est moi! I'm a student aged otaku, and my favorite anime are Sailor Moon S and Stars (sub-titled), Gundam Wing (sub-titled)and Kodomo No Omocha (thank goodness it's only available subtitled)*does Sana-chan dance of joy*. ^_^ My real name is Marie, and my writing alias is Damia. You might have noticed that I have two little Stargate SG-1 stories written and archived here! ^_^ My best buddy in the "real world" is Zoi no Miko, you might know her. Anyway, she's the one who took the piccy of me in my Duo-kun Halloween costume! ^_^

I've been surfing the web now for almost five years now, but since I'm a silent observer at most and usually prefer to keep to myself, so you might not know me. However I love people visiting me, so please please drop me a line!! Marie_strom@hotmail.com.

YAY! Well, thanks again for visiting my little archive! ^_^

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