by littlemaiko

DESCRIPTION: I never thought this paring was possible... Vincent and Rude!! Yes, this story is a yaoi involving that beautiful Vinny and ever-grim-looking Rude. Um, I had an inspiration in AP Calculus class, during the mid-term exam. My brain must have been totally screwed. Sorry if offend any Vincent or Rude fans! But, if you want to see Rude being totally sweet, this fic is for you! Enjoy!

Multiple sounds of war-cries and explosions echoed through the Cosmo Canyon. In a ragged clearing surrounded by dry trees and closed to the side by a river canyon, two opposing parties were having a violent showdown.

Rude dodged an array of shots aimed at him, and took cover behind a tree. Seemingly without a delay, he threw a Molotov at his enemy. Not even Reno noticed the slight hesitation which flashed across the bald giant's face before his reprisal. Nor did anyone catch the sigh of relief he released seeing Vincent Valentine escape the harm.

The battle was a heated one; the two Turks faced Cloud, Vincent, and Tifa , and countless blows and spells were exchanged. Now, after an hour or so of fighting, both sides were exhausted, running out of stamina.

Through the corner of his dark lenses, Rude saw his redhead partner land a successful blow to the girl combatant's head, incapacitating her from the battle. Lady Luck was on the Turks' side; Cloud ran for Tifa's cover, and Vincent was left alone to fend away Rude.

"Cloud! Take Tifa and go!" The handsome vampire ordered his young comrade.

"But Vincent!?" The blond ex-SOLDIER returned unsurely. He had no time to object further, though, for Reno resumed his attacks. Taking limp Tifa, Cloud ran off without a second look back. The redhead contemplated whether to pursue, but shook his head leisurely and turned to Vincent.

"Are you really stupid or just plain full of yourself?" Reno asked the vampire, mockery written all over.

"...I'm not sure myself." Vincent answered with a cryptic smile. He pushed back the disarrayed bangs with a graceful motion, and aimed his Winchester at the two men. "But I will not let you go after them."

"He he, I like your attitude. C'mon Rude, let's take him out!"

Reno swished his electro rod, and charged. His bald-headed partner set his mouth in a grim line; there was a definite hesitation this time. The redhead took notice, and eyed Rude strangely.

"Rude? What's with you!?"

"...Nothing." The giant shook his head shortly.

"Give me a hand, then!" The smaller Turk urged impatiently. Once again, he attacked Vincent, this time for real. The vampire intercepted the rapid swings of the deadly stick with skillful shots. Reno stopped his attacks in time to shield off the bullets, counting six and waiting for the enemy to reload.

Vincent backed away after emptying the stocked ammunition, hastily reaching for the spare rounds. He was not granted time to recharge, however; just as he pulled out the new bullets, Rude closed in from his side and maneuvered a powerful punch. The iron fist grazed the vampire's cape as he sidestepped.

Rude grabbed the flowing garb and yanked violently, toppling the lithe enemy forward. Vincent lost his footing and rolled upon the ground. The bullets cluttered across the dirt, useless.

"You knew this would happen, didn't ya?" Reno pointed the tip of the nightstick close to Vincent's face. The handsome vampire remained on the ground, unmoving, his scarlet gaze fixed on his enemies. Slowly, resignation spread across the pale countenance.

"Go ahead. Kill me." The low voice was hollow, devoid of emotions.

Vincent relaxed, and awaited the finishing blow. Reno was correct; there was no way that Vincent could win against the two Turks, armed with only one hand-rifle. He was not much of a combatant anyway, and his limit breaks were not easily activated. Yes, he knew that he would be defeated.

"Alrighty, then!" Reno raised the electro rod, ready to strike down. Vincent closed his eyes.


The redhead Turk paused in mid-blow, and looked at Rude. The interruption was sudden and unexpected; besides, the bald man was never the one to speak up like that.

"Dammit, Rude! Why are you stopping me?!" Reno asked with irritation.

"...I," Rude began, uncertain of what to say. He couldn't tell his partner how he felt, really, about the enemy vampire.

Reno will kill me if I tell him that I care for Vincent. No, he'll kill Vincent first, then me.

The darkly attractive foe had stolen Rude's heart at first sight, back at Nibelheim. Following Cloud's party, the two Turks had snuck into the Shinra Mansion and seen the whole event concerning Vincent's entrance to the group. Even from some distance away, Rude was shaken by the mysterious young man's gothic beauty.

"Rude, you gotta have hell of a good reason to stop me from killing this one!" Reno growled menacingly, his semi-anorexic frame straightening taller into more formidable stance.

Rude saw Vincent staring at him with an amused look. Their eyes met, one set nervous and other coolly observing. It was Vincent who looked away first, probably having dismissed Rude as insignificant.

What should I say?

Rude searched through his mind frantically for a smooth lie. For a moment, he wished for a tactful tongue like Tseng's.

However, the bald Turk did not have to come up with a reply. While the three men were preoccupied with their small problem, a large behemoth had approached the clearing. Hungry for live flesh, the giant monster roared at its newly-found preys.

"Oh shit! Great timing..." Reno spat out, quickly readying his weapon at the demonic mutation.

Vincent got up to his feet, snatching some bullets and loading them into the Winchester. He adapted to the new situation immediately; the monster was a common enemy, and a formidable one at that.

Rude half sighed with relief at the interruption, but knew there was no time to linger upon the gratitude to Fate. He took the fighting stance, shuffling his legs in small boxing steps.


The purple monster charged at the three like a rabid bull. Its horns dug up the soil, as Reno and Vincent dodged to the sides. Rude delivered a full-force kick at the behemoth's neck. The monster didn't even budge; angrier than ever, it bared its fangs and tried to catch the tall Turk in its jaws.

"Watch out, Rude!" Reno cried, but knew it would be in vain. The behemoth was too quick. Rude watched the monster advance toward him, notion of death becoming sickeningly real.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The shots fired without a warning, and scored upon the mutation's head. It reared back, though apparently not immobilized. Rude fixed his eyes on Vincent, who had just saved his life. The slender vampire was reloading the shells and aiming the gun at the behemoth once again. This time, the monster was well aware, and it charged blindly.

"Vincent!" The cry was out of his mouth before Rude even realized. In front of his very eyes, the cape-clad man was run over by the behemoth's bulk. Rude saw red.

"Rude!?" Reno stood awed as his muscular partner tackled the monster five times his mass.

The behemoth was stunned by the sudden attack, but it was not intimidated at all. It turned on the bald Turk, after giving Vincent another good stomp; that made Rude berserk further. With a vicious yell, the man literally stabbed his hand into the monster's side. The tough skin broke through, but in the process damaged Rude's fingers. Rude couldn't care less.


The mutation gave a deafening roar before rolling down to the ground. It struggled violently, taking down Rude also, but the Turk held on, his arm embedded to the monster's innards to the shoulder. After what seemed like forever, the behemoth ceased to move, blood pouring out of its wound as well as its mouth. Rude sat straddled on top of the monstrous body, and slowly withdrew his gut-stained arm.

"Rude, man, that was reckless and stupid!" Reno approached his victorious partner, wincing as he noticed the tattered state of one muscular arm. Rude's nails had broken off, and some fingers were twisted at impossible angles.

Rude ignored the redhead companion, his attention only on the limp body of Vincent. The bald Turk hurried to the fallen man's side, buckling to his knees in panic.

Don't die, don't die, don't die...

With the unstained hand, Rude pressed against the side of the delicate neck. Finding a pulse, he sighed and went on to check out the bodily injuries. Vincent was wheezing out ragged breaths, single trail of blood trickling down the side of his mouth. When Rude tried to wipe it off, Vincent went into a fit of agonized coughs, and more of the red substance colored the pale lips. Rude took off his sunglasses, and narrowed his eyes at the suffering man.

Broken ribs. Punctured lung, possibly both lungs. Other internal injuries?

"Vincent? Vincent, hang on." Rude spoke softly to the vampire. He took out a Cure materia, and began casting the highest possible healing magic.

All that time, Reno stood watching his partner, a look of puzzlement on his narrow face. Rude was acting very strangely; it was so unlike the quiet giant to lose his cool. And it was so unprofessional to try save an enemy. The redhead narrowed his eyes disapprovingly, but decided to let it go just this once.

"Rude, I'm going back to Elena and Tseng. You have a day to catch up with us."

"Thanks, Reno."

Reno didn't answer to the gratitude, and walked away in his usual slow steps.


The darkness engulfed Vincent as he struggled to escape the sickening hands which violated him. He screamed over and over, not begs for mercy but more so disgusted cries. His surroundings suddenly lit up as if by lightening, the face of malicious rapist vividly illuminated.


Vincent shouted at the hunchbacked scientist, who snickered above his immobile body. That moment, the dream and the reality crashed.


"Wake up!"

A light slap across a cheek fully restored Vincent's consciousness. He blinked in a state of daze, and found the familiar bald-headed man looking into his face. Their faces were uncomfortably close, noses almost touching. Vincent looked at the Turk's harsh face, for the first time without the dark glasses.

"...Rude?" Vincent whispered dumbly. His senses gradually returned, along with the sickening images in the dream. He became fully aware of Rude's closeness, and dubbed it with Hojo's presence. Automatically, the vampire turned his face to the side, looking insecure.

"Are you all right?" Rude asked, sitting back to give the other man more space.

"I..., what happened...?" Vincent tried sitting up, but failed. His insides throbbed with strange sore, and he felt weak all over. The memory of being ran over by a huge behemoth dully replayed in his mind. He looked around, and saw that he and Rude were in a hut of some sort, Vincent upon a bed and Rude kneeling beside it. The place looked deserted. Small flame warmed the dusty fireplace.

"...You were injured by a monster. I cast Cure, so most damage should be gone. I found this place while looking for a shelter. Does your chest still hurt?" Rude said everything in one breath, thinking those were the most words he had spoken in a longest time. He was rather proud of himself; with Vincent, he felt comfortable talking.

"A little. ...I should thank you." The handsome vampire wiped cold sweat from his forehead; he noticed that his headband had been removed. With other hand, he checked the rest of his body, and found himself without his cloak and belts. His boots and metal gauntlet had been taken away, too. He felt naked, although the black shirt and pants still clung to him. Ever since the unspeakable horrors at the ShinRa mansion, he couldn't stand being without the all-concealing attire.

"Give me back my clothes."

"?" Rude gave Vincent a puzzled look.

"My cloak, gauntlet, belts, boots, and headband. You took them off, didn't you?" Vincent sent a frantic searching gaze, and found his belongings neatly folded and placed by the fire. He rolled to one side, and tried to get off the bed to retrieve them. However, a pang of real pain suffocated him as he sat up; clutching his chest, the vampire sagged forward.

Rude caught Vincent before he fell off the bed. Ignoring the protests, the bald Turk forced the slender man back against the sheets.

Horrific de javu made Vincent cringe; in his mind, Rude's big, warm hands exchanged with Hojo's bony, cold ones. Crimson eyes wide with new fear, the vampire began to struggle against the restraints. More pain exploded inside his thin chest, and he groaned.

"Vincent?" Rude loosened his grip on the lithe body, and watched the young man writhe in agony.

Damn, I didn't set his ribs straight!

The Turk realized the problem, and cursed his thoughtlessness. Hastily, he reached out and began unbuttoning Vincent's high-collared shirt, intent to check the injury again.

Vincent screamed at Rude's advance, mistaking the action in his panic. All logic and coolness lost, the vampire clawed at other man's arm, almost sobbing. His lungs were on fire, and each intake of breath led to painful groans. Torment pushed his mind over the edge; tears swelled in the blood-red eyes, and trailed down the delicate cheeks.

"No! No! Let go!"

"Vincent!? Be still, you are hurting yourself! I just want to check... ugh!" Rude grunted when neatly clipped nails drew blood from his arm. Slightly annoyed, he caught both frail wrists with one grip and pinned them over the hysterical vampire's jet-black head. With a free hand, he quickly undid the small buttons and bared the pale upper torso. Vincent shrieked something incomprehensible, and began to hyperventilate.

"...gasp... N-No, no, no! ...wheeze..."

"What is wrong with you? I'm not... Vincent?!"

Rude noticed Vincent trembling. In the watery red gaze, he saw fear; through troublesome gasps, the vampire was mumbling objections to a recognizable name over and over.


The Turk finally understood the reason for Vincent's panic. He could imagine what sort of sickening experience the vampire had suffered from the sadistic scientist. The thought wrung pity from Rude, as well as sizzling jealousy.

That crazy SOB! Did he violate Vincent? How dare anyone lay a finger on my beautiful Vincent, make him suffer so? Damn, I have to get him to lay still.. Oh yeah, a tranquilizer would do...

Gently, Rude wiped the tears off of white cheeks. He took out a vial of tranquilizer from one pocket, and took the contents in his mouth. Normally, during the battle, it would be used with special bullets to be shot into an enemy. In this situation, however, Rude knew that the internal taking would suffice. Catching Vincent's pointed chin, the bald Turk forced the drug into other man's mouth, refusing to break the lip-lock until Vincent swallowed the liquid.

Vincent fought the kiss, but he couldn't help drinking the substance. He felt defeated as the tasteless medicine traveled down his throat. The effect of the tranquilizer kicked in immediately, rendering his mind numb and muscles powerless. Unable to keep up the struggles, he continued to sob helplessly.

"I'm sorry." Rude released the vampire's wrists from the iron grip. The frail arms just lay limp on the sheets, fingers weakly curling up.

".......n-no......, ...jo..."

"Vincent, I'm not Hojo. Look at me."

Rude cupped the beautiful, ashen face, and looked into it. Vincent was so broken, so weak now; the bald Turk doubted anything he said would help the crying vampire. Pity and the dominating urge fuzzed in Rude's mind, two opposite feelings mingling to become one strong desire.

"I'm not Hojo. I love you, Vincent."

With one large hand, Rude groped Vincent's chest, searching for the misplaced ribs. He found them, and tugged at them to straighten them into the right positions. Vincent gave off primitive screams of agony at the necessary pain; his numb body, however, only allowed him to twitch slightly. While he suffered, the Turk took out the healing materia and this time, cured him completely. The pain dissipated, but the hysteria remained.

Rude silenced Vincent's whimpers with an ardent kiss, slipping his tongue into the unwelcoming warm mouth and lapping the inside most skillfully. The Turk's hands pulled off the vampire's shirt, and caressed the porcelain body with gentle touch. Vincent remained rigid in the strong embrace, his mind still drowned in the dark memories.


Hojo was acting strange. Vincent felt the scientist's hands fondle his skin with unmistakable love, and was confused by how different this assault was from the past ones. No, this encounter was not even an assault. Warm lips enclosed around a nipple, and Vincent drew in a sharp breath. He anticipated a vicious bite, an attack he was too accustomed to. However, the pain never arrived.

Hojo? Why can't I see him? No, this can't be... Hojo.

A hand slipped into Vincent's crotch, and he gave off a small moan. Hojo never gave him pleasure; who was this, then? Pushing aside all his panic and fear, the vampire concentrated to see the blurry face above him.


Rude noticed that his lithe companion had ceased to struggle. Tear-rimmed red eyes were looking at him, no longer fogged with previous madness.

"Rude..." Vincent whispered raggedly, and was answered with a soft kiss to a cheek. "Why?" He had to ask. Rude had shed the Turk uniform down to only black boxers, and was most intimately fondling his naked body. Strangely, Vincent didn't feel fear or disgust against the teasing digits, only confusion.

"I love you, Vincent, ever since I first saw you." The Turk resumed the movement of his large hand between the vampire's legs. "I know I'm taking advantage of the situation... but, you are too tempting."

"...oh God, s-stop..." Vincent protested weakly. He tried to move his arms, but they lay useless to the sides of his head, still under the alteration of the sedative. Rude's fingers traced along his sex earnestly, coaxing more moans from him.

"I d-don't... want..." The beautiful vampire managed to object so far.

"Yes you do." Rude's lips teased one pink fruit upon Vincent's chest, hand driving the lithe man over the edge at the same time. Vincent cried with suppressed passion, and released in the Turk's hand. Nibbling a reddened nipple, Rude murmured, "You want to be loved, Vincent. You yearn for it, don't you?"

The words, not meant to harm, stabbed at the vampire's heart like a knife. The truth of it, the awful truth that he was never loved, that he had been forced to give up on love, hurt Vincent like a real wound. He let out a sob at the revelation he never wished to reach.

"...N-No one ever loved me." Vincent whispered through shallow, rapid breaths. "Not even L- Lucrecia. After w-what Hojo did to me... I'm not worthy... a-anymore..." He couldn't continue, silenced by his own weeping. Rude tightened the embrace, warming him.

"You are more than worthy of anybody's love, Vincent." The bald Turk kissed his own hand, which was drenched with the vampire's discharge. The nectar was bittersweet with saline aftertaste. He traced the moist fingers down Vincent's waist, whispering sincerely into the beautiful man's ear. "Does my love mean anything to you?"

"...I don't k-know." Vincent answered with a choked voice. He didn't know what he was feeling; Rude was treating him kindly, with passion, possibly with love, but the man was a Turk, henchman of ShinRa. The thought made Vincent sad, and he wept some more.

"Why do you cry so much?" Rude wiped at the vampire's eyes.

"Y-You are... from ShinRa. How c-can you love me?" Vincent eyed the bald man with half- accusing stare. In return, he received a kiss and a hand searching between his legs once again. The recent release had made him more sensitive to the touch, and Vincent felt as if he was burning up with pleasure. Small moans escaped his throat, muffled by the non-stopping kiss, as he was taken to the second climax.

"Our stance has nothing to do with how I feel for you. Sure, we'd have to fight, maybe even try kill each other. But that's only until the whole Sephiroth thing ends." Ever professional, Rude said, and added, "No grudge will be held after that, I hope?"

"...No." Vincent returned low. "But that doesn't excuse you doing this to me now."

"I guess not." Rude nodded simply. He took the vampire's pale face in his hands, and looked into it with a serious gaze. "Do you want me to stop?"

Vincent blushed crimson, his answer evident in the neediness of his eyes. Although he was still unsure of what he thought of Rude, his body was screaming to be fulfilled with what was being offered. Deep flush touching both pale cheeks, Vincent whispered, "No. I... want you."

"Glad to hear that."

Rude smiled for the first time in their acquaintance. It was a small one, yet it warmed all the harsh lines and grim features, giving the bald-headed Turk a whole new impression. Vincent felt himself give in to the loving countenance. When the Turk lowered his lips in another kiss, Vincent kissed back the best he could in the numbly drugged state.

Warm hands and lips pleasured Vincent like nothing else in the past. As Rude's large, throbbing member entered him, a single tear slid down Vincent's face. Pain was inevitably there, but so were pleasure, passion, ... and love.


The two men lay next to each other, Rude's arm wrapped around Vincent's waist. Outside, the night was slowly breaking to day.

"I have to go. Will you be all right?" Regretfully, Rude slipped out of the bed.

"The tranquilizer is wearing off. I'll be fine." Vincent waved one dull hand, and gave a thin smile to his lover. "Rude...?"


"Don't let yourself be killed, whether by Cloud or Sephiroth or... me." The last word was the most emphasized, and a shadow flickered in the vampire's scarlet gaze. His voice shook a little as he continued. "I don't want to kill you, but I might have to. Please, defend yourself."

"I will. Don't let me kill you, either, Vincent." After a pain-filled smile, Rude fully dressed himself in the Turks outfit, and put on his sunglasses. "Until next time, Vincent. I love you." He advanced to the door.



"Thank you... for your love."

"No need, Vincent."

The door opened and closed quietly. Vincent stared at the empty doorway for a short moment; his skin was still remembering the warmness of the bald Turk. With a yearning sigh, the vampire stood to his wobbly feel and collected his clothes from the floor. He wiped off the remnants of the intimate encounter with the sheets, and dressed in the flowing, concealing garb.

The handsome vampire slowly approached the door, and exited the hut with heavy steps. The departure marked the beginning of the reality where he was once again ordained to battle against Rude.

"Back to enemies, aren't we, Rude?" Vincent whispered to himself as he took up the Winchester and loaded it with new bullets. He had no intention of going against the roles the Fate had placed him and Rude in this Sephiroth intrigue. With a look of resignation, he began his short journey in search for the rest of his party, whom he figured would be searching for him, too.


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