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Warmth. It was the first thing that penetrated Duo's senses. A soft, gentle warmth spreading across his back and neck.

Blinking sleepily, Duo turned his head to one side, trying to sort out what was going on.

Then other things began to make themselves noticeable. The harsh sounds of voices, the sharp smell of sweat, the lightly ghosting of air across his neck.

With a low groan, Duo buried his face in the crook of his arm, remembering what had happened.

"Well, well," a harsh voice cut through the air. "Looks like our sleeping beauties are starting to stir." Duo felt a foot probe his side. "Come on you two, get up. You ain't done yet."

Duo felt a shudder run through the body that still covered his. "Duo?" a confused voice whispered in his ear.

Duo was shoved more roughly. "Up. Now. I wanna see you fuck blondie now."

Quatre whimpered softly as he slid off of Duo. They couldn't be serious. Hadn't they done enough already? He couldn't believe what had happened so far. How was he going to face Heero after this? How was he going to look him in the eye and tell him what he had done? That he had, for all intents and purposes, raped Duo. And that, to his shame, he had enjoyed it far more than he should have. Oh Great One, take me now.

But his fevered plea was ignored. He felt Duo stirring beside him even as the words sank into his fogged mind.

"Duo?" he whispered.

Slowly, blue-violet eyes turned to look at him. There was resignation in them, as well as a hint of sorrow. "Just.." Duo closed his eyes then, not really knowing what to tell the boy beside him. If he ignored the guards' orders there was no telling what might happen to them. But if he listened then he would be hurting the gentle boy that he valued as a friend. How could he even consider doing what they demanded.

Because if you don't, then one of them will. Better it be you, who can be gentle with him that one of them who will hurt him just for the fun of it.

Duo winced at the logic of the voice in his head. He hated being logical.

"Just relax," he whispered as he reached for the blonde. "And forgive me."


Richel jumped up in shock at the angry figure that stormed into the office. "Sir?!"

"Where the hell are my slaves?"

"Sir?" Richel could only stare at the angry young man in confusion. There had been several slaves brought in that day.

"Lord Trowa," a voice said behind him as Grendin walked up. He had served on the guard for many years and recognized the man immediately. "May I help you?"

Trowa turned angry eyes on the older man, causing the younger man to sigh with relief. "I was informed that one of my slaves and on belonging to Lord Heero were brought here. I want them returned immediately. And I want to know why they weren't brought directly to me when they were found."

"Lord Trowa, runaway slave are..."

"They weren't runaways. And no matter, they should have been returned to me at once. I will handle any punishment that needs to be dealt out."

"But they had no papers on them."

"Were they not asked where they belonged? I would think so since someone came to me. Why weren't they brought along? What harm would to unarmed slaves do?"

"But they could have been lying."

"So. They still should have been brought to me. I do not appreciate my slaves being treated in such a manner." Trowa drew himself up to his full height. He had been beyond furious when he'd been informed that Duo and Quatre were being held at the Guards Quarters near his home. And he'd been damn scared as well, knowing full well what some guards would do to a runaway. He hadn't even told Heero where there were, afraid of what his reaction would be.

"My lord, I."

"Where are they?"

"This way, my lord. They are being held in one of the detention cells."

"Lead me to them, now."

"Of course, my lord. Follow me."

Trowa followed the man down the hall, his eyes dark with anger. If anything had happened to either one of them...

"If you don't start fucking blondie right this minute, I'm gonna take that hank of hair and..." an angry voice suddenly came from one of the rooms.

With a growl of pure fury Trowa shoved the door to the room open. The sight that met his eyes had him seeing red. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" he roared. He had never been so angry in his life.

It was hard to say who jumped higher, the guard that was reaching for Duo or Quatre, who gave a high pitched cry of surprise before ducking behind Duo. Even Duo was blinking in surprise at the unexpected level of Trowa's roar. He'd never heard Trowa raise his voice before.

"Get these two bastards out of my sight this instant," Trowa demanded, the level of his voice barely lowered. "And I want them punished fully. How dare you allow such things to happen?"

Grendin immediately grabbed the two guards and hauled them from the room. "What were you two told about messing with the slaves?" he demanded as they disappeared down the hall.

Trowa looked at Duo and Quatre. "Are you two all right?" he asked, his voice calm.

He was surprised when Duo slowly sank to the ground as if his strings had been cut. Burying his face in his hands he began to rock slowly. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he murmured brokenly.

Trowa moved slowly forward, his noise detecting the sharp tang of sweat and sex. "What happened?"

Quatre looked at Trowa fearfully, trying not to hide himself in shame. "Master, I.."

Trowa grabbed a blanket and handed it to Quatre, then took another one and wrapped it gently around Duo's shaking shoulders. "Just tell me what happened. What did they do to you?"

"I'm sorry. I couldn't."

Duo looked up then, pain and sorrow in his eyes. "Wasn't his fault. It was mine. Shouldn't have run. Made it worse. Always make it worse. Hurt him. Hurt Heero. Hurt everyone." His voice was broken and reedy, as if it took all he had just to form the words.

Trowa carefully gathered the long haired boy to him. "It's all right Duo." He looked up at Quatre. "What did they do to you?"

"I..They made me..." Quatre hung his head in shame. "I raped Duo," he whispered.

Duo shook his head violently. "No! It wasn't..."

Trowa looked at the two, understanding what wasn't being said. "Let's go home. We'll sort it out there. And I will see that those two are severely punished for what they did. They had no right."

Quatre sighed as he pulled the blanket more tightly around him. "But.."

Trowa looked at him calmly. "Do not blame yourself for what happened. If any one is to be blamed it is me, for putting you in such a situation in the first place.  I am sorry."

"No," Duo whispered.

Trowa helped Duo to stand. "We'll argue about blame later. Let's get out of here."

As they walked towards the door, Grendin reappeared. "Sir, some clothes for them so that they don't have to leave here wrapped in blankets."

Trowa took the offered bundles. "Thank you."

Grendin bowed. "Please accept my humblest of apologies. This should have never happened and I am ashamed that it did. I know that I cannot rectify the mistakes made and the hurt done to your slaves, but I will see that those responsible are harshly punished and that it will never be allowed happen again."

Trowa nodded slightly. "I hope not." He handed the bundles to Duo and Quatre. "Go get dressed. Then we'll go home and sort through what happened."

Quatre sighed as he took the offered clothes and made sure Duo also took some. He was afraid of what would happen when they got home. How could Duo bear to be near him, after what he had done? Would their friendship possibly survive such a cruel test? And how would Trowa feel about him, now that he was no longer pure, but stained with the blood of a friend, no matter how it was forced upon him? Oh Great one, why? Why did this happen? Why?


*To be continued!*

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