by SilverLady

Pairings: 1+2
Rating: G
Disclaimer: All standard disclaimers apply. You know what they are so I won't bore you with them.


Here I am again, abandoned and forgotten. I should be used to it by now. It always happens when I'm not needed. But sooner or later someone will come and I'll be able to wrap myself around them and keep them warm. It's not as easy as it used to be, though. I'm getting old now and rather thin.

The small cabin that I call home is quiet. There hasn't been anyone here in some time. I don't know if that's good or not. It means no one has needed the shelter of the cabin was built to provide, but it also means that no one has visited this lonely spot in some time.

I remember a time when there was some one stopping here nearly every night. Those were the days. At times I long for those days again.

The room seems rather cold tonight. A lot colder than usual, even for this out of the way corner of the world. A storm is coming, I'd say, with lots of snow.
Sure enough, not long after dark I here the sound of the wind picking up, the sure sign of a storm. Sounds like it will be a bad one. I hope that no one is out in this kind of weather and yet…. How I long to keep someone warm once more. I'm so lonely. I want to listen to the soft whisper of a person's voice. Or better yet, two young lovers. I always enjoyed them best. They love to snuggle close.

Suddenly the door slams open. At first I think its just the wind, but then two figures stagger in. One is leaning heavily on the other, perhaps from exhaustion or injury. It's hard to say. They do look cold though. Come here. I'll keep you warm.

For a moment I think that one of the people is a girl, but then I realize that it is a boy with extremely long hair. I don't think I've ever seen anyone with hair that long. It is really very lovely. I bet it's wonderful when he lets it down.

Then he turns and I can see the rest of him. He is very beautiful. So much so that it's as if an angel as stepped down from the heavens to visit. I've heard others speak of angels and he is surely what they meant.

I think he's hurt, though. I see a dark stain on his right pant leg. I didn't think angels could be hurt. Maybe the other person, the one I heard about them from, didn't know everything about them. I do know that on occasion someone would come into the cabin with that same kind of stain on their clothes. Their friends always showed concern when that happened.

I wonder what could have happened to him. Maybe he fell in the storm.

His companion is as handsome as his friend, in a different sort of way. There is a darker more somber look to him, though some would say his clothes are almost cheery in comparison to the other's.

Although he doesn't show concern like the others did I can tell that he is still worried. It's in the way he watches the other boy into the room.

He helps him to sit down and then heads over to the fireplace to try and start a fire. Silly boy, can't he tell how cold his friend. I can see him shivering from here. He obviously needs to get out of those wet clothes.

After several minutes of fruitless, trying he gets up and walks back over to his friend. The longhaired boy says something but his voice is too quiet for me to make out the word. The dark-haired boy glares for a moment, then looks around the room

After a moment, he walks over and drags the mattress off the bed. I don't blame him. That frame is about to collapse and I think any weigh will do it in.

Positioning the mattress near the still useless fireplace he then goes back to the other boy. He says something in a low voice and then helps him over to the mattress. I can see the look of disgust the wounded boy makes, but he sits down on the mattress anyway. I don't think he wants to argue with his friend.

Almost roughly the dark haired boy begins to strip the wet clothes from his partner. The other boy complains about the rough treat, but he is ignored. From the complaints I'd say that it happens often.

Finally the boy is wearing nothing but his underwear, a most interesting pair of boxers with, of all things, big white daisies all over them. Not at all what I would expect. He wraps his arms around his chest and continues to complain as the other boy looks at the long gash on his right thigh. I don't think it's too serious and apparently neither does the boy. He wraps it quickly and efficiently with some gauze that some other traveler must have left in a drawer.

He frowns at something the longhaired boys says, then looks around the room again. Finally he spots me and walks over.


I am happy as I wrap myself around these two lovely boys. I am glad I can keep them warm.

"Heero," I hear the longhaired boy whisper. "This is nice, but next time just stop and ask for direction, all right."


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