Thunder and Cross
by littlemaiko

DESCRIPTION: My first try at FF8 fanfiction! I loved that game so much!!!! Zell stimulated my sadistic side, as you can tell from the warning above. He he. If you are into pretty boys, I do not recommend this piece. If you are into regular 2P lovemaking, I do not recommend this either. Yes, you guessed it! Have fun seeing Zell suffer...

Zell Dincht stretched out his arm muscles after the evening training. He wiped perspiration off his forehead, slightly worked up after the session. The Training Center was deserted; the time was well past midnight. Just until an hour ago, Squall had been there, too, but he had left without a word of notice, so typical of him.

I oughtta talk to Squall more. He's not a bad guy.

Ever so out-going and friendly, the blond boy decided. The stoic class valedictorian was a mystery to everyone at Balamb Garden; Zell had his share of curiosity for the handsome classmate. Squall Leonhart was the only person at Garden to whom he had never spoken. Actually, Zell had attempted a conversation in the beginning of year, but that had failed completely, with Squall ignoring him.

Whatever. We are gonna be working together at the SeeD Field Exam. Then, I'll see how good he really is.

With a hopeful thought, Zell headed for the entrance/exit of the artificial jungle. However, at the doorway, he found an unexpected individual blocking the way. He couldn't mistake the seven- feet bulk covered with tattoo. It was Raijin, Seifer's slow-witted sidekick. Unconsciously, Zell grimaced. He didn't mind Raijin that much, but the fact that the giant was here suggested that his archenemy was also present. Seifer was the last person Zell wanted to see before going to sleep.

Hardening his expression, Zell tried walking past the towering classmate. The door, however, was completely blocked by the large body. Sighing, he looked up at Raijin, who was well more than a foot taller.

"Move, will ya? I'm leaving."

Raijin seemed stupefied when Zell spoke. Zell wondered if the guy was too tall to hear from down below or if he was plain stupid. The idea struck him funny, and his lips curled in a pleasant smirk. He was too nice to burst out laughing, though.

"Zell. I wanna talk to ya, ya know?" The giant fidgeted as he mumbled. His tough countenance was actually not that ugly. Zell noticed that Raijin could pass for handsome if his eyes had more intelligent gleam. He didn't know if it was just his imagination, but the giant seemed sincere.

"What is it? If it's a nasty message from Seifer, I don't wanna hear it."

"No. Not Seifer. Me. I wanna say sumthin'."


"...Zell. I..., uh..."

Raijin mumbled some more, his gruff voice barely audible. Zell narrowed his blue gaze; his eyes must have been playing tricks on him. He was sure that the tanned face was blushing.

"Look, man, if you don't speak up, I'm leaving." Impatient, the blond boy stood straight, hoping to look formidable. He didn't really want to tangle with Raijin to get out. The giant was intimidating enough.


"That's it! Move out of my way, or I'll bash your head in!"

"Stupid, Raijin. I told you it doesn't work like that." Arrogant deep voice interrupted Zell before he could jump the taller man. The door behind Raijin's back opened, and Seifer Almacy entered in his usual attire.

"Damn, I knew Seifer would be here..." Zell sighed with disgust.

"S-Seifer! You were listenin'?!" Raijin stammered, giving way to his leader.

"Of course. Thought I'd miss the moment of your romantic confession? Not for anything!" The bully mocked with a twisted snicker. "Fujin went back to her room, which is good."

"Good?" Raijin repeated dumbly.

Seifer looked straight at Zell, who was glaring tensely at the two taller boys. The little blond flinched from the gaze, and the bully widened his sneer. Seifer studied Zell's light complexion, perky cuteness, and small frame with amusement. He wondered why he had never noticed the physical attractiveness before.

"What are you looking at!?" Zell growled, almost baring his canine teeth.

"Raijin, shut down the lock system." Seifer ordered, not bothering to look back. Raijin stood immobile, not understanding the command. "I said, lock the door! Now!" The scarred boy gave a sharper command, at which the giant obeyed without question.

"Hey! What the hell you doing!? We are gonna be locked in until six!" Zell ran after Raijin, but was caught by Seifer. He struggled, but couldn't escape the iron grip on his arms.

"S-Seifer..." Raijin began timidly. He eyed Zell squirming, pity evident. His bulky finger was only an inch away from the lock switch, unsure of what to do.

"Do it, Raijin!"


"Don't! Dammit!"

Raijin pressed the button with a click, and the lock activated. Zell cursed the whole situation; now, he was stuck in this room with two of his worse enemies. Seifer's hold on his body didn't loosen a bit, and that unnerved him further. Frantic, the boy twisted violently.

"Let go, bastard! We are stuck here anyway, thanks to your bright idea. I'm not going anywhere!"

"Humph. Damn right, you aren't going anywhere." Seifer transferred Zell's wrists into one restraining grip, easily capturing the boy with single hand. Without any warning, he smashed his elbow into the side of Zell's head.



Raijin ran over in panic when he saw Zell sag into Seifer's arms, unconscious. The blow left a nasty red bruise upon the fair skin; Raijin winced, for he knew that the red will turn ugly purple.

"Don't worry, Raijin. I just knocked him out, to make your job easier." Seifer cradled the limp body as if it were a doll. "You want this little chick, don't you?"


Guiltily, Raijin admitted his lust. He had always thought Zell cute; accompanying Seifer gave him opportunities to meet the boy often, and his feelings grew with each encounter. Raijin was basically kind-hearted, though, and he didn't like bullying his love interest. It was his dilemma in idolizing Seifer.

"He's all yours." Seifer laid Zell on the ground, and began tugging at the boy's clothes, sliding up the hem of the shirt provocatively. "C'mon, strip! I'll get him ready for you."

"B-But, I don't wanna, Seifer."

"Oh really? Then I'd take the pleasure." The bully snapped off Zell's belt, and undid the front fastener, impelling his sidekick. When Raijin still refused to move, Seifer yanked down Zell's trouser along with the boxers. He heard the giant gasp in shock.

"No! I-I'll do it!" Raijin paled as Seifer hoisted Zell's legs up and opened them wide. The revealed genitals were porcelain white partly covered with platinum shrub, as could be expected from the boy's fine complexion. Raijin swallowed hard, and shrugged off his clothes.

"You'll have fun with this one, Raijin. Bet he's nice and tight." Having stripped the fainted blond completely, Seifer slid his hands about the delicate waist and fondled the curly batch of hair. "Go ahead." Smiling lewdly, Seifer moved to pin Zell's wrists spread to the ground.

Raijin kneeled down over Zell, sandwiching the white body between his muscular legs. With shaking hands, he reached to cup the bruised face, and planted a timid kiss on the forehead. His fingers accidentally pressed on the bluing injury.


Zell groaned from the stinging pain. Hastily, Raijin drew his hand away, afraid to inflict further suffering. With lightest touch, he tipped the boy's face and locked his lips with the slightly parted pink ones. He hated Zell's lack of reaction, hated himself for violating Zell like this. Yet, Raijin couldn't stand the notion of Seifer taking Zell. There was no other choice for the giant. He didn't dare go against Seifer.

Slowly, Raijin trailed wet kisses down the small body beneath his. Zell was so petite, even shorter and lighter than Fujin. Raijin had never noticed before how delicate the boy was. Zell was always too aggressive and strong to reveal such trait. Now, knocked out cold and helplessly pinned down, the blond boy seemed almost frail.

"Are you enjoying it, Raijin?" Seifer asked, sadistic contentment written all over his face. He was getting turned on from the anticipation of Zell's suffering. He felt Zell's arms gradually regaining their strength, and tightened his grip upon the thin wrists.

The tattooed giant stopped his advances as Zell shifted in awakening. The long lashes fluttered, and the light blue eyes opened groggily. A low moan escaped the boy.



Zell looked confused at first, seeing Raijin on top of him. Then, slowly he realized what was happening. The cute face contorted with shame and anger. He couldn't even struggle, though, with arms caught beside his head by Seifer and torso sandwiched by Raijin's knees.

"Let go of me!! Freaks! Let go!" The blond boy yelled with murderous undertone.

"S-Seifer, maybe..." Raijin was overcome by pity for the captive, who strained vainly against Seifer's powerful hands.

"Get on with it, Raijin. Shut up, Dincht!" The bully wrenched the small wrists cruelly, making one break from the pressure. The sickening crack paralyzed Raijin.

"Aaagh!" Zell screamed in agony. Tears swelled in his eyes, and slid down the sides of his face; after the first outcry, though, he couldn't keep up the steady voice. He gasped desperately, whimpers escaping his lips along with sobs. His body twitched with anguish.

"Oops, broke your bone, didn't I? Forgot how weak you were. Sorry." Seifer didn't even let go of the injured wrist as he said so. Instead, he kneaded the broken joint, coaxing additional cries of pain. "Don't worry, Dincht. We'll patch you up with a Cure afterwards."

Raijin bit his lips, and suppressed the objections against Seifer. He turned his attention to the writhing blond boy, who was weeping uncontrollably. Gently, he tried wiping tears off Zell's face, but new drops kept on pouring out from the pained eyes.

"Hang on, Zell. It's alright..." The giant knew that things weren't all right with the boy, but he didn't know what else to say. He crooned the same words over and over into Zell's ear, caressing the slick golden tresses softly.

"Don't mind the wimp, Raijin. Jerk up him a couple of times, and he'll forget the pain." Seifer urged the hesitant giant. "That's the only way to make him feel better."

Raijin knew that Seifer had set him up. He well knew, too, that only pleasure would alleviate Zell's suffering. For a moment, he really hated Seifer, but that passed quickly. Besides, he couldn't help but be aroused by Zell's shallow breaths, ashen face, and weakly struggling body. The hidden savage side of him was swelling with the need to conquer.

"Shh." The gentle giant kissed Zell's gasping lips, muffling the continuous whimpers. Raijin slid one large hand between the boy's slender legs, and entangled his strong fingers within the thin bush. He felt Zell stiffen, and weakly cry protests into the interlocked mouth.

"Don't fight. Please. Just wanna make you better, OK?"

"N-no... no... don't..."

Raijin placed his legs upon Zell's, pinning them with his weight, spread wide open. The blond captive shook his head wildly, miserably objecting to what was to come. The warm hand in his crotch took everything into its tender grasp, and began stimulating the whole area with deliberate rotation.

"Stop... please, no... n-no..." Zell begged desperately, shame scalding him moreover as he felt his body begin to respond to the touch. The pain was still terrible, but it was starting to nicely mingle with small jolts of delight.

"Doesn't hurt as much now, hmm?" Raijin nibbled upon the boy's delicate neck. He left trails of hickeys, and lowered his mouth to the collarbone.

"....D-damn you." The blond boy cursed between rapid wheezes. He broke into soft mewling, and quickly bit down on his lips hard. The teasing hand now concentrated its attention to his standing shaft, making the pleasure even more unbearable. He wished for the pain to return; he wanted to rather die than surrender to this violation.

Seifer watched silently as Raijin fondled Zell's sex. The bully had relaxed his hold upon his victim, since the damaged arm was completely incapacitated. Zell's face, contorted with humiliation, was particulary amusing to Seifer. He never would have guessed that gentle caress would make the boy suffer more than brutal abuse.

"......N-no! No! ...Ah...a-ah..." Zell opened his mouth in desperate objection, but that was his mistake. Raijin's skillful hand forced him into ejaculation at that moment, and wrung passionate cries from him. It was too sudden to suppress.

"Zell..." Raijin savored the ardent moans, not ceasing the motion of his hand. The petite boy went into short convulsions, and wetted the giant's fingers with love fluid.

Zell closed his eyes with hollow relief, and let his body go slack. He didn't even bother with the shame which rendered him mindless. He felt Seifer free his hands, but could not move a finger. His entire body was too dull, too weak.

"Gods, Raijin, have some fun yourself! I'm sure Dincht won't mind." Seifer eyed his follower's enormously swelled manhood with mockery.

Raijin cast down his gaze. He did want to enter Zell, ride him to a different sort of peak. Lust was overwhelming. However, he wasn't sure if Zell could take his largeness; the boy's buttocks and waist were so small and slim. It was clear that Seifer wanted him to rape Zell, tear the fair skin and draw blood. That was the last thing Raijin wanted to do, though.

"What's the matter, Raijin? Go ahead! Or, should I teach the chicken how it feels to be fucked?" The bully pulled his usual threat tactics. He enjoyed tormenting Raijin, almost as much as he did hurting Zell. As the final nudge, he took out a small container of clear gel, and tossed it to the hesitant giant.

"...What's this?"

"Aphrodisiac. Acts as lubricant, too. Dincht will submit willingly if you use it." Seifer explained lazily. He noticed Zell vainly attempting to sit up, and flipped the small body over to face down. There, he pinned the boy by the shoulders. Zell's struggles were getting significantly weaker, probably from the injury, pain, and fatigue. Whimpers of protest were indistinguishably coarse.

"Seifer, I can't..."

"Goddammit, do as I say, Raijin! You want me to break another bone in this girlie?!" Seifer immediately made to make his intimidation true, taking Zell's intact arm and twisting it back. Zell yelped in new agony, blue eyes welling up with moisture once more.

"Don't!!" The giant begged in panic; snatching Zell's arm out of Seifer's grip before further harm could be done. "I'll do it, Seifer. Jus' don't hurt Zell..."

"Good." Seifer nodded arrogantly, and nailed squirming Zell to the floor.

Raijin hoisted the boy's thin waist up, bent the numb legs at the knees, and locked the petite body in the shameful position by pressing his own knees on the back of Zell's. Zell was shaking his blond head frantically, already knowing what was to become of him. The giant tried to block out the scared sobs, and failed.

"Sorry. So sorry, Zell." Raijin whispered sincerely.

"...sob... don't... sob... p-please don't..."

Hearing the pleas of mercy, Raijin realized that he had broken Zell's pride. The giant cursed himself. With trembling hands, he unscrewed the rid of the small container, and dipped his right index finger into the gel, scooping a substantial amount. The goo had a saccharine odor, and was extremely thick and moist. Whatever it was made of, it was strong stuff.

Zell's buttocks were split wide, the secret orifice revealed fully to Raijin's view. It was tightly closed with muscle, visibly virgin. Raijin felt Seifer's gaze upon him, authoritatively checking his every movement. Shaking up all his determination, the giant touched the opening with a lubricated finger. Slowly, he delved inside, forcing his way with the help of slick gel.

"...gasp... n-no, h-hurts... don't..."

"You better not complain with one finger, Dincht. Raijin's cock is five times as big." Seifer murmured evilly at the captive. "Raijin, you know where it is, right? Smear some of that stuff there."

The lithe blond felt Raijin's thick finger grope against his inner wall, searching for something. The drug used against him was sending burning sensation every place it was applied to. The unwelcome digit pressed hard against the especially sensitive spot which Zell didn't even know existed.

"Ah...! A-ah, ah... oh G-God..." Zell writhed as the finger rubbed the drug against the tender area. Carnal moans slipped out of his mouth, hungry sound filled with sexual desire. The offending digit moved in circular motion, stretching him open. The pain was totally erased by the sparks of pleasure, forcing him into submission. He could no longer think straight.

Raijin felt Zell's defeat even before the boy stopped his struggles. Although a part of him was triumphant at the conquest, the rest of him felt empty; he knew that this was not love, not even a shared lust. This was rape.

"...Ah... ah... p-please...please..." Zell murmured hotly. He broke into mewls as Raijin's free hand slid up front and urged him into another climax. One more finger dug into him, further widening him; the pleasure grew more intense, never-ending.

Raijin couldn't hold back any longer. Zell's wanton behavior was driving him insane with desire. Without delay, he withdrew his fingers from the boy's well-prepared sheath, and pushed his sex against it. The warmness of the opening consumed what last consideration he had left. With a guttural growl, he plunged.


Zell's scream ended the moment of blind passion. Raijin felt the petite body go rigid, paralyzed by the pain. He also felt warm liquid trickle along his genitals; it was blood. He had torn the delicate layers of skin.

Seifer kept the boy still, and eyed Raijin to begin pumping. He loved it all. Zell's pain, tears, screams, all the suffering he manipulated the giant into giving. As Raijin, lost to his bodily needs, began to move, Zell let out small cries of agony, mixed with some pleasure. The drug was taking effect, numbing the boy's senses despite the injury.

For hours, Raijin devoured Zell under Seifer's instructions. Battered but drugged into reacting, Zell reached one peak after another, until he was no longer conscious. The whole nightmarish experience came to an end only when the six o'clock chime signaled the sector's electronic door unlocking.

"You had fun, Raijin? Be thankful." Seifer patted his giant follower as the two of them snuck out of the Training Center. Raijin was carrying still-unconscious Zell in his arms; they had put the boy's clothes back on.

"I dunno, Seifer. I feel sad. Zell will never like me now." The giant answered crestfallen, feeling miserable. He had played right into Seifer's scheme, but it was too late to hate the bully. Nothing could be taken back.

"What did you expect? That I'd allow you to be lovey-dovey with this chicken?"


"Come on, Raijin. Dincht was a good fuck. That's enough, right?"

The two tall boys took Zell back to his dorm, and left him on the bed to face the horrible morning alone. All along the way back to his own room, Raijin could not shake off the heavy guilt which weighed down upon his conscience.

The End

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