Pillow Talk
By Damia

Pairing: (a very reluctant) Jack and Daniel
Rating: Funny Funny... probably G ;P *giggle*
Date Written: August 31st 1999
Summary: Sugar high, and I couldn't sleep. Any questions??
Disclaimer: This is a work of Fan Fiction. (fan fik'shon) n. That would be a story written by a fan for the fans. The writing fan in this case is not making any money/yen off of the above story, and all characters and by no means hers. They are owned by big money making corporations. I also have no money what so ever. So suing will get you nowhere.

It was that old dream again that caused him to jerk awake; sitting up abruptly, bathed in a cold sweat. His mouth uttered a tiny cry of surprise involuntarily; something that to someone else's ears would have come across as "Uh-wah?"

He blinked, his eyes reassuring him that he wasn't there any longer, and that they were long dead, and everything was okay now. That he was really in a warm bed in a darkened room and all was good...

"Uh." His mind tried to accept that.

At about that time a hand, connected to an arm, flopped over his chest; pushing him back down towards his pillow. "You were dreaming," a voice mumbled. "Go back to sleep."

Eyes wide, Daniel looked down at his companion, curled up on his side with his back to him, then reluctantly obeyed him. Settling on the pillow, he gazed across the room at... well, nothing. It was dark. Then he turned his head slightly, gazing across the whole foot and a half of space at the back of the other guy's head. Then...

"I had a bad dream." He announced out of the blue.

A very long moment of silence followed his announcement. Then a very tired; "Yes Daniel?"

"It was about my parents," he continued.

"Yes Daniel."

"I couldn't save them."

"Yes Daniel."

Daniel paused significantly. "Are you even listening?" he asked, feeling and sounding slightly hurt.

Groaning loudly, O'Neill flopped over to face Daniel. "Daniel..." he began warningly.

*Blink*. Twin blue eyes peered down at him, looking almost... sad. O'Neill felt began to feel his stone face begin to melt.

He cursed inwardly. That was about the last thing he wanted to do. In fact all he wanted to do was sleep. Sighing loudly, he turned back over again. "Go back to sleep Daniel." He told his bedmate.

Silently Daniel nestled down into the blankets, eyes still wide open. About two minutes later, he could help himself. "Jack?" he asked into the darkness of the room.


"... Jack?" Daniel repeated.

A low moan was his only response. Jack's hand flopped out of the covers again, this time heading for the end table. Leaden fingers fumbled about, found the clock and turned it towards him. Then they turned it back again. "Daniel..." the older man began slowly.

A smile brushed Daniel's lips. "Yes Jack?"

"Do you know..." Jack turned back over again to face Daniel, bit he did so more slowly this time. "Exactly what time it is?"

"I have no idea." Daniel replied honestly. "I don't have my glasses on."

Jack gave a little snort. "It's four in the morning," he told his companion.

"Yes?" a small playful smile crept across Daniel's face, threatening to turn into a grin. "So..?"

"So? So?!" Jack O'Neill's face screwed up into a grimace, then relaxed again. "So *I* have to go to work tomorrow... and so do you. You might be able to function without sleep, but I'm over ten years older than you are, I ache more than you do, and I need sleep. And--" he stopped Daniel mid-mouth opening. "I'm a bear when I don't get any sleep."

"You're a bear when you *do* have sleep." Daniel pointed out helpfully.

O'Neill looked at him... glaring. "Thanks." He returned sarcastically. He turned again, looking up towards the ceiling, clasping hands behind his head.

Daniel let out a little sigh, then continued again. "Jack?"

"Since I'm awake now... what?" O'Neill returned, a bit sharply.

"..." Daniel hesitated for a moment. "Do you love me?"

O'Neill's brow crinkled. He turned his face, complete with a raised eyebrow, back to Daniel. "... Why???" he asked.

A shrug. Daniel's face was serious now. "I don -- I dunno." He yawned, pink tongue showing before he shut his mouth again. "Just wonderin'."

O'Neill was quiet for a moment. Then... "If I told you yes, would you let me sleep?" he asked, very hopefully.

"Yes, but..."

"I love you Daniel."

"Do you mean it though?" Daniel asked, sitting up now. His forehead crinkled as well, a little worried line forming on his brow.

Jack looked at him, his face shaded in the darkness... worried, vulnerable, Daniel-like in his sincerity, curiosity... *stupidity*, something at the back of his mind added. He shook the thought away.

Daniel hadn't moved.

Mustering all the emotional will power that he could, Jack nodded. "I mean it Daniel." He repeated dutifully. He looked away from Daniel.

When he looked back, someone's chin was trembling.

"ALK!" Jack squawked, sitting up abruptly, bring himself eye level with Daniel. "What *is* it? Don't *do* that...!"

The chin stopped trembling, much to O'Neill's relief. Daniel's eyes, which had filled with tears for some unbeknownst reason (to Jack), blinked and became clear.

Daniel smiled, mischievously, grin arching from ear to ear. "Um... just checking." He said.

Giving Daniel a lethal look, Jack flopped back down onto the bed, curling around his pillow. "Good." He muttered.

Daniel landed beside him, snuggling closely. Rolling his eyes Jack let him.

"You're warm." Daniel told him contently.

"Yeah, yeah." O'Neill patted him vaguely on the back. "Can I go to sleep now?" he asked almost balefully.

A snorted chuckle, which, inadvertently made his chest hairs itch... seeing as Daniel's nose was *right there*. He squirmed uncomfortably.

"Whatever you want Jack." Daniel mumbled.


Daniel arched his neck to look at him.

"... Is what I want." Jack completed.

Everything was quiet from below for a moment. Then... "Jack?"

A heavy sigh. "Yes, Daniel...??"

He could almost sense the smile in Daniel's voice. "What time is it?"

Jack groaned aloud this time, hauling himself half up to peer over his shoulder at the clock. "Four - fifteen." He replied. "Are you going to let me sleep on not?" he lay back down, shifting to get comfortable.

"... Nope!"

A rather pained expression flashed across Jack's face at that. "Daniel..." he whined. It was ineffective though....


Needless to say, two rather blurred-eyed males stumbled into work at the SGC the next day. One had a perma-frown on his face and looked grumpy enough to growl at anyone who dared wander near him, and the other had a really interesting half smile serenely stuck on his features.


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